How to Get Started with Competitive Programming?

This article is a guide on how to start with competitive programming. In short, competitive programming is a mind sport or a sporting activity where you require to swiftly execute solutions for some math challenges, some tasks/problems. There are some big on-site competitions with prizes like Google Code Jam, and I will discuss them more in the upcoming articles.

What is Competitive Programming?

Competitive programming, or CP for short, is a mind sport where participants need to write programs to solve well-defined problems. Those problems are often related to algorithms, data structures, math, and logic. Contestants’ programs are judged by many factors, including how much time the programs take and the memory the programs use. There are many benefits to doing CP, which I’ll describe later.

The actual problems you see in competitive programming will be much harder. For each problem, you need to write a program that takes in some input, processes the input, and outputs the answer. If you want to try this out, HackerRank is one of the well-known sites for competitive programming. I used C++ in this example, but you can use any language to solve CP problems, like Java or Python. Now, in contests, you have a bunch of these problems you need to solve. The contestants are generally ranked by the number of problems they solve, the time they take to solve those problems, and the number of incorrect attempts they make.

How to start competitive programming?

  • Select a programming language
  • Practice variety of problems
  • Choose a good platform
  • Learn DSA
  • Participate in contests

How to become the best competitive programmer ?

  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • Problem Solving


Consistency is critical when it involves code quality because consistency results in predictability. Service with a high degree of top quality will undoubtedly be predictable in its work method. You will be able to check out the code, and with no domain name understanding, you must have a good suggestion of what’s happening. Several elements inform the predictability of the code. They explain the code’s behavior to the reader in a dependable method. It provides predictability in the severe, which is why examinations are so valued. Consistency has a similar effect. When your code has traditional calling conventions, regular indenting and spacing, standardized architecture, and user interface, It is simpler to deal with and can be established faster and with better self-confidence.


The first thing that you need for programming is patience. Programs are tough, and occasionally you will have pests or difficult problems to conquer. If it’s constantly simple, you aren’t tough on your own, and you aren’t growing as a programmer. Have the perseverance to overcome a problem and not quit when it gets hard. But, likewise, know that you can take a break and return to the problem in a little while. Possibly taking a break will certainly aid you in fixing the trouble much more effectively or see it in different ways when you return to it. Likewise, endure other people. Things can take a while to find out, and people are not excellent. Making errors and falling short can be several of the most vital experiences in the learning procedure, so permit that instead of producing an environment where it isn’t secure to take threats or expand. Comprehend that different points click more quickly for various individuals, and know that discovering can take a while.

Problem Solving

When I show people to code, I see a great deal, even more individuals having a problem with analytics than the code itself. The capacity to break an issue right into smaller ones and solve all those smaller-sized troubles takes a lot of methods. Obtaining proficiency in analytical can assist you to end up being a much more powerful designer. Likewise, for most issues, there will be more than one option. A big part of our software program designers’ work is thinking through those various remedies and selecting the finest ones. Is one faster to carry out? Or does it run a lot more successfully? Or will it be less costly? Every one of these is very important, and selecting the right solution is a difficult but integral part of software program growth.

Top 4 Best Coding Languages For Beginners

  • C language
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python

C language

The C shows language is a powerful general-purpose program language utilized to create running systems, data sources, compilers, etc. It is the very first program language for a vast number of individuals (including me!). It is advised to begin the programming journey with C language as it helps comprehend many underlying procedures on the ground. It enhances your essential expertise & enhances your self-confidence, which better makes it less complicated for you to find out various other high-level programming languages.


C++ has a vast library called STL, a collection of C++ templates to provide common programming data structures and functions such as lists, stacks, arrays, etc., making the code very short and increasing the speed of coding. It contains a library of extensive container classes, algorithms, and iterators.


Java is a programming language and computer system first released by Sunlight Microsystems in 1995. It has evolved from modest starts to power a large share of these days’ electronic globe by supplying a trustworthy platform. New, ingenious products, as well as electronic solutions created for the future, remain to rely upon Java, as well. While most modern-day Java applications integrate the Java runtime and application, there are still numerous applications and some sites that will certainly not operate unless you have a desktop computer Java set up.


Python, among the most popular show languages in the world, has developed everything from Netflix’s recommendation formula to the software application that controls self-driving cars. Python is a general-purpose language, which means it’s created to be used in a range of applications, consisting of data scientific research, software application and web advancement, automation, and typically getting stuff done. Python is a computer program language usually used to build websites and software, automate jobs, and conduct data evaluation. Python is a general-purpose language, suggesting it can be utilized to develop various programs and isn’t specialized for any specific problems. This versatility and its beginner-friendliness have made it one of the most-used programming languages today.

Best Platforms for Competitive Programming

Whether you’re just beginning as a programmer or want to advance your coding skills, taking on shows issues become part of the plan. Convenient, accessible, and fun coding problem internet sites test your capabilities with specific workouts, social obstacles, and insightful assessments. Exercising your coding through these websites may increase your expertise, build your abilities, and prepare you for job interviews.

So here are the top 4 best platforms to start practicing coding.

  • LeetCode
  • CodeChef
  • HackerRank
  • TopCoder


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